GraniteCrete Admixture is available in 4 colors (Natural, Adobe, Sand, and Ash Grey). It comes in 85lb. bags with 40 bags per pallet, 15 pallets per truckload, or is available by the bag at your local distributor. Two bags are used per cubic yard for residential installations and 3 bags per cubic yard for commercial installations. It can be mixed along with your local aggregates in a wheelbarrow as well as a volumetric concrete truck.

Custom Colors

For the last five years, GraniteCrete has offered 4 organic colors:  Natural, Adobe, Ash Gray, and Sand.  We have had huge success in offering these individual aesthetically pleasing colors.  Now for 2017,  GraniteCrete is offering the freedom to choose your own color for your particular installation!
GraniteCrete yet again offers an unprecedented advancement in the soil stabilization industry.

None of our competitors can offer such a game changer.  You, the consumer, can now design your own proprietary custom color based on the color charts of Davis and Solomon Colors.  Your proprietary custom color will be retained on file and can be mixed again for future additions or projects.  As with any custom color job, there may be some slight variation from project to project.  GraniteCrete derives its color from organic pigments, which naturally limits the colors that can be achieved.  GraniteCrete’s technical team will advise you if your custom color can be achieved.
It may surprise you that this offer is available for the small residential projects as well as the large commercial installations.  A minimum job size of only 2,000 square feet is required for us to provide your color.  GraniteCrete reserves the right to approve the color, and it will incur an upfront fee to develop and an additional cost per bag.  This fee is non refundable.

GraniteCrete installation
Give us a few weeks, and we will give you your custom color. Call us for details.